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Glenkilrie Hill Farm

Glenkilrie is a hill farm of 2500 acres with 1150 ewes and 160 suckler cows. There are 700 pure Blackface ewes, 100 Cheviots and 350 Aberfield x Blackface ewes. The sheep graze the heather hills all summer, are fed during winter and are brought down to lower pasture for lambing in the spring. The cross ewes are housed during lambing and the hardy Blackface lamb outside.

The lambs are weaned in August and are left to graze on the grass before going on to the forage rape to fatten. They are marketed through Scotbeef supplier to Marks and Spencer.

The herd of Limousin and Angus cross suckler cows are all housed in the winter months and go out to graze from May onwards. All the cows calve in the Spring time and some of the calves are sold at 6 months old and the others at 1 year old. They are sold through local livestock markets at Forfar and Stirling.

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